Brookstone’s Ergonomic Comfort Lounger

The Ergonomic Comfort Lounger by Brookstone is not like a traditional beach lounger chair. The difference is the chair reduces tension on the neck and back. It is much like a spa chair in the sense it allows you to lay down on your stomach without extending your neck due to the ergonomic facial cutout. The abdominal pad also eliminates stress on your lumbar spine. If you rather sit face up, the pillows adjust so the lower back and neck are in that position as well.

This chair has been medically endorsed and is recommended by chiropractors. It adjusts to six different positions for reclining, laying down or sittingand comes with three removable pillows for the best support. The facial cutaway allows an 18″ ground clearance so you can read comfortably. The chair is available in navy or green and has a weight limit of 300 pounds. The chair measures 23″ W x 75″ L x 17 1/2″ H.

It is the perfect lounge beach chair for those who suffer with back problems, arthritis or muscle spasms. As with a sphere chair and suspension chair, Brookstone’s Ergonomic Comfort Lounger takes pressure off of the body.

Backpack beach chairs are great for the beach or for camping trips. They are portable and easy to transport. The chairs are durable, compact and lightweight.

For hiking these chairs are an excellent choice as they can be attached to a backpack or a cooler. They are constructed from heavy-duty canvas and lightweight aluminum. A carry bag is also included with the chair.

There is a larger chair available as well and is designed for more stationary use such as at baseball games.relaxing when camping or other functions. The chair includes a canopy, insulated storage, small table, cup holder and lumbar support. They fold up to a small and easy to transport size. You can also purchase one of the chairs with added padding of the seat. When the chair gets old, it is suitable for restoration using fabrics such as those from Waverly curtains.