Sources of Drug Addiction Support

Battling drug addiction is tough enough, but the recovery process can prove to be even tougher. This is why drug addiction support is essential—those who are trying to recover from the disease should not go through the ordeal alone.

Sources of Drug Addiction Support – Families and Friends

Drug addiction support can be obtained from several sources, the best source of which are friends and family. As affirmed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), family and friends play an important role not only in motivating addicts to get help but also to stay in rehab. Family members and friends are the people closest to the addicted individual, and they are best people to provide encouragement and comfort during the toughest times.

It is important to note that families are not only a source of support. Often, they are part of the treatment process. The best rehab programs, especially for teens, are those which include family participation or involvement.

drug addiction treatment of Drug Addiction Support – Recovery Groups

The next best source of drug addiction support is recovery groups. Even those who are not recovering addicts know about groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. Members of such groups are bound by the same desire to overcome addiction, and they help each other stay sober.

Involvement in such groups is most beneficial for recovering addicts after rehab. As NIDA points out, these groups provide “an added layer of community-level social support to help people achieve and maintain abstinence.” After leaving rehab, patients are once again exposed to temptations and addiction triggers. If they are a member of a recovery group, they can stay on the right track and prevent relapsing through the guidance of fellow members.

Sources of Drug Addiction Support – Addiction Helplines

People can need drug addiction support in the most unlikely times. A family member, friend or a recovery group sponsor may not be available. In instances like these, recovering addicts should consider getting what they need from another source: addiction helplines.

Addiction helplines are staffed by qualified and experienced counselors—the best people who can offer advice and guidance to recovering addicts. In the brink of a relapse, a counselor can help an individual deal with the cravings without giving into them. Because helplines are open round the clock, there will always be someone available to offer support.

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