Youtube Traffic: finding what kind of tuber you are

So you’re trying to get youtube traffic? And you don’t want to buy youtube views? Well you have came to the right place. As long as you are willing to put some work in then I’m willing to help you get more youtube traffic. I do want to say one thing though as you monetize your youtube traffic and channel. At least try buying youtube views once, to see if it works for you. I honestly believe that youtube is one of the few things one the internet these days,  that will allow a regular person that has talent to get the exposure they deserve.

Funny Weird Inspiring







These are the types of videos that get a lot of traffic. Now, Youtube views have to do is it pick one of these and make a video and BAM! instant youtube traffic right?

Wrong! everyone one that makes a video has a style that they just naturally fit in. (not saying you can’t get youtube traffic in the funny category if you’re better at doing instructional) Basically I want you to find your strength.

How do you find your strength?

Test it.

What I recommend:

Make a video with each and every style and then post it on facebook so your friends can see. Then ask them to comment on which one is better. Now if you are pressed for time then just do the top 4 that you think are going to best fit you.

By doing this, you will have a better understanding of what kind of author you are.

Brilliant right?

Take the best results (top 2) and post them on youtube.

As you become better at getting youtube traffic, you will find out that a combination of those attributes really make a viral video. When you can be funny, inspirational, and instructional. That really adds value to your video and people will be inclined to re-post and give you more youtube views. That is the heart of “going viral.”

I’m just going to say that this strategy alone CAN render you great results, but in some cases it may not be enough.

We need to maximize. In my next post I will focus on another strategy that is more “active” for your video marketing campaign. See you guys soon!